Security equipment
• Supplying security and military equipment that is offered through limited and public governmental tenders, as well as direct purchases.
• Work to transfer and indigenize technology in partnership with major international companies specialized in their field.
Security needs
• Analyzing security needs, searching for potential customers and users of the product, and providing them with appropriate information.
• The company completes all procedures and formalities to expedite the process of issuing a purchase order or award letters to its partners.
provide information
• The company provides the necessary information to its partners regarding financial solutions and available sources of financing to supply the required products
Facilities for clients
• The company provides all facilities for the potential client to visit the headquarters of partners to view their capabilities and specialized production facilities.
Facilitate procedures
• The company helps its partners in facilitating negotiations with the potential client, coordinating with the competent authorities, and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for that.
Security equipment
• Rakaa Security and Military Equipment Company plays its role through support and assistance in concluding a contract with the potential customer to supply the product with the most favorable terms for our partner.
finance resource
• The company provides financial, warehousing, distribution network and human resources to partners to establish its spaces to meet customer needs.
• Preparing the training facilities provided by the manufacturer upon the acquisition of new equipment or upon the customer’s request.
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